bluenotiondb env generator

azu/bluenotiondb: Sync Bluesky to Notion.

This page does not send any input to servers

Notion Config

Notion API Token and Notion Database ID is required

Bluesky Config

If you want to sync your Bluesky posts, fill your bluskey account information.

GitHub Activity Config

If you want to sync your GitHub Activity, fill your GitHub account information.

GitHub Search Config

If you want to sync search results, fill the search query.

GitHub Search Examples

You can use some special syntax in search query

  • {{today}}: today
  • {{+1day}}: tomorrow
  • {{+1month}}: next month
  • {{+1year}}: next year
  • {{-1day}}: yesterday
  • {{-1month}}: last month
  • {{-1year}}: last year

Other syntax is Search Reference


Search issues which are related to you
  • GitHub Search Type: ISSUE
  • GitHub Search query: involves:@me sort:updated-desc
Search Repositories which are created by you since yesterday
  • GitHub Search Type: Repository
  • GitHub Search query: user:@me created:>={{-1day}}

Linear Config

Linear assigned/created issues


If you want to sync calendar, fill the iCal Url.

RSS Feed

If you want to sync RSS, fill the RSS Feed Url.

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